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Running In The Dark? – Top Ten Headtorches For Running

The nights are drawing in and your usual routes are becoming tougher to navigate. Sticking to your running schedule can get difficult. Thankfully headtorches are better than ever, so whether you’re training for a marathon, have just joined a running club, or you’re an experienced trail runner looking to keep safe there’s no excuse to not get yourself out there. We’ve put together a list of ten of our favourite headtorches, all tried and tested by us!

There are a few things we consider essential to look out for when buying a headtorch.

  • Weight: Obviously the weight of your headtorch is important, but equal distribution of the weight of the battery and torch is often the difference between a comfortable and uncomfortable run.
  • Brightness: The brightness of a headtorch is measured in lumens. For street running 50 lumens could be enough, while demanding trail runs require a much higher amount.
  • Battery Life: Don’t go for an endurance run and find yourself with a flat battery halfway through. Many modern headtorches feature power saving and reserve modes and can be charged by USB.

Our top ten headtorch picks for running…

Led Lenser Neo Led – £18.74Led Lenser Neo Led

The Led Lesner Neo is definitely the fun option on our list with its range of colours, and its 88g lightweight design is ideal for road running. The 90 lumens of light the Neo provides surprised us. We weren’t surprised though to hear that the Neo was very popular amongst members of our local running club. Fitted with all the essentials for street running, including a rear led and one-button controls, you won’t find better at this price. Buy>


Princeton Tec Remix – £44.95Remix1

Nothing disrupts a run like a bulky headtorch, you won’t get that with the 83g, including batteries, Princeton Tec Remix. We liked the variation of lighting options the Remix provided while remaining compact. It’s one maxbright LED and three ultrabright LEDs are easy to switch between mid run with one-button controls. We like to know we can vary our lighting while running and with 100 lumens to offer we find the Princeton Tec Remix a great budget option. Buy >


Led Lenser SEO 7R – £56.21

The way you can adapt the SE0 7R’s beam really seo7rimpressed us during testing. We enjoyed playing around with the beam control and found adjusting the brightness very easy. On top of 220 lumens it’s the rather grandly named Optisense technology that makes the SEO 7R one of our top picks though. Optisense automatically adjusts the brightness levels of your beam, so you won’t find the fully rechargeable battery flat mid run. Led Lenser has become the leading brand in LED technology over the past few years, and with products like the SEO 7R you can see why. Buy >


Silva Trail Runner II USB – £59.99tr2usb

Silva produces a great line up of running headtorches.
The Silva Trail Runner II USB continues this tradition.
We were impressed with its 140 lumens of light, the accuracy of the Silva Intelligent Light technology and the comfortable fit. You’ve probably guessed from the name, but the Trail Runner II USB is fully rechargeable. The Trail Runner even thrives in wet weather with an IPX6 rating. A great choice for when you’re looking to push yourself beyond street running. Buy >


Petzl Myo RXP – £68.00


One thing that stayed with all of us after using the Petzl Myo RXP was how comfortable it is. The weight of the torch and rechargeable battery pack are distributed in a way that never distracts from your run. 370 lumens means this headtorch is just as capable at lighting as it is comfort. The Myo RXP can easily switch between a wide and focused beam with its flip lens and with ten different programmable lighting options your run is covered. Just as easy is switching between regular and rechargeable batteries. The Myo RXP is more than capable with the demands of both street and trail running. Buy >


Mammut X-Shot – £72.00mammut1

If you know anyone interested in alpine climbing there’s a good chance they’re big fans of Mammut gear. We say if it’s good enough for them, it’s more than good enough for running, especially with a powerful 200 lumens. We hope you won’t ever need the alpine emergency signal! Running on AA batteries makes this headtorch easy to set up. If that doesn’t sound enough and you’re after something even more demanding, check out the X-Shot’s big brother, the Mammut X-Sun. Buy >



Petzl Tikka RXP – £79.50

If you find yourself wasting time on your run fiddling with lighting settings, the Petzl Tikka RXP may be the headtorch for you. The Tikka RXP has a max lumen of 215 and features Reactive Lighting Technology. Fancy name, but we found the way it senses ambient light and adjusts the light pattern took a lot of hassle out of our runs. The RXP has a fully rechargeable battery and comes with a lock mode to avoid accidental battery drain. Buy >




Petzl NAO – £115.55nao

For us the strongest feature of the Petzl NAO is its variation in power options. If you’re traveling and don’t have a USB port to hand to take advantage of the rechargeable batteries, the NAO also takes AAA batteries. When the NAO is charged a clear view will never be in doubt with 575 lumens and Reactive Lighting on offer. It has a great ergonomic design and an optional belt kit is also available to transfer the weight of the battery to your waist. Buy >


Silva Trail Speed Elite – £164.99tselite

Here’s one for the experienced trail runners. The Trail Speed Elite features two high power LEDs and Silva Intelligent Light, which greatly lowers your chances of running into hazards, all with the same comfort found in the Silva Trail Runner and a generous 660 lumens. Lover of many sports but don’t want to buy multiple headtorches? The Trail Speed Elite comes packaged with a number of accessories, including a rechargeable battery and brackets for mounting to your helmet or bike. Buy >


Petzl Ultra Rush – £236.25ultra rush

The Petzl Ultra Rush has already made a name for itself with fans of skiing and mountain biking, but this is a more than capable trail running headtorch.
With four light settings up to 760 lumens, ergonomic fit and mixed beam pattern it is popular with endurance runners. With the option to display at up to 170 meters, even the trickiest terrain won’t bring an end to your run. Looking for a headtorch to cover all your sporting needs? The Ultra Rush is the one. Buy >


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